Safe Space Policy

This document sets out expectations about how people will treat each other at Negative Space events, radio shows, and crew meetings. 


Negative Space is committed to providing a safe and harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, ability, physical appearance, size, ethnicity, or religion. This applies to all events, radio shows, meetings and online platforms hosted by Negative Space.

We will not tolerate harassment at any event or on any platform hosted by Negative Space. We will endeavor to have organizers and volunteers  available at all times to ensure our events are as safe and accessible as possible. 

Being non-racist, non-sexist, non-homophobic (etc) is not enough. We believe we must be actively anti all forms of oppression.

While we cannot guarantee such an environment, we hope that this policy will help people to feel comfortable to approach us with any concerns and to understand what their role is in creating a safer space.

Guidelines for all participants

Contribute to making Negative Space events enjoyable and inclusive. Look out for each other. Respect the physical, emotional, and mental boundaries and the safety of our fellow attendees.

As participants at Negative Space Events, we ask that you take responsibility for your behavior and understand the ways in which it can affect others. We value freedom of expression, but not at the cost of alienating or harming others. 

Be conscious of your space on the dance floor – don’t fall back into people. If  you want to have an ongoing conversation amongst others who are dancing, consider moving to the back of the room or outside. Leave the dance floor for dancing! 

Be mindful of what you consume and look out for your mates. You can always take more but can not take less. 

Harmful behaviour

People who are unwilling to discuss and correct their harmful behaviour will be immediately excluded from the event with no exceptions.

Harmful behaviour includes but is not limited to:
  • making racist, sexist, classist, transphobic, homophobic, ableist, ageist or body-shaming comments of any kind
  • catcalling or sexual harassment
  • failure to respect the physical and/or emotional safety of others
  • failure to read body language and consequently invading the personal space of others
  • cultural appropriation
  • being too drunk / high to monitor your behavior and its impact on others
  • generally disrespecting other attendees’ rights to participate and have a safe and enjoyable time at our events. 
Be responsible for those around you:

Whether or not it directly affects you, we encourage participants to engage with people behaving in an inappropriate way (if safe to do so). If you do feel comfortable speaking up when someone is inappropriate, we ask that you refrain from confrontational behaviour that may spark aggression. It is more effective to quietly talk to the person and point out that they are making someone uncomfortable, rather than publicly humiliating them or using physical force.

Sometimes it could be as simple as saying:

that sounded a bit racist, can you explain what you meant?

Or, if a person is invading someone else’s personal space and failing to read body language, you could say:

I don’t think they’re cool with that, would you mind giving them some space?

Safe Space Policy in practice

Crew will be available throughout all Negative Space events to talk to participants about any problematic behaviour or situation and to offer support. On an event by event basis we will also have support from venue staff and if needed, security.

We will display a contact number around the venue in case crew can not be immediately located or discretion is required. Prior to any public events we will make sure that our expectations of participants are communicated through our social media and email channels.

The tuff stuff

Negative Space reserves the right to ask participants who have made others feel uncomfortable, threatened, or unsafe to change or address their behavior or language. If the person is unwilling or unable to do so they will be asked to leave any event or platform we are hosting.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our Safer Spaces Policy. We can only make our spaces safe with your support.

We are grateful to have such a positive and supportive community, and we are glad that we can do our bit to help to create safer spaces. We believe this policy is an important and valuable way to address some of the issues that people can experience when attending public events.

If you have feedback, please feel free to contact us at: